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New Website. New Services. New Normalcy.

New Website!

Hot dang! Look around; there’s a brand new Normalcy website.

We added a Notes section, which you’re reading right now. Here, we’ll write various thoughts about design, marketing, and opinions on whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

It is.

Scroll to the bottom of the About page and see what we’re currently loving in the studio: from music to junk food to podcasts and helpful apps, we love a lot of things.

There’s a Work page that showcases some of our favorite projects. The Contact form is where you can let us know how we can help you or just say hello!

New Services!

Design and build a new website from scratch? Consider it done. Email newsletters? Social media? Consulting? Done, done, and done. We’ve been doing these things all along, but now we’re bringing them together in one place in hopes of helping your brand succeed. If you don’t see it listed in our menu, chances are we do that, too. Let us know what you're thinking — we’re all ears!

New Normalcy!

We don't just want to just deliver you something and never talk again. We want to partner with you, because when your brand succeeds, we share in your victory!

Some of our favorite words:

Collaboration, daring, fun, cool, relatable, approachable, easy, synergistic, hi-five, visionary, reciprocity, milieu, grounded, reasonable, applause, passion, insightful, bold, adventurous, partnership, cheese.

A little bit about us, the people behind Normalcy.

Pat & Beckey Brumfield in Paris, France
Pat & Beckey in Paris

Pat has been at the helm of Normalcy for the last 20 years, pulling websites out of his hat like a magician.

I (Beckey) have been in digital marketing as a content creator and social media maven since Instagram first began, in the year of our Lord, 2010.

Maybe you’ve heard of us. Perhaps we’re neighbors or best friends, or maybe you’re like, who? Peter and Betsy? No idea.

Main point: We’ve been successful digital marketers on our own for a long time. We’ve decided to join forces and launch a new website with new services!


We want to work with you and build something amazing

Your website and digital presence are important aspects of your business. We want to ensure your message reaches the right people, which equals leads and sales (who doesn’t love leads and sales?)

So hi, we’re here should you need us (you need us), and if you don’t, pass us along to someone who might.

Let’s get something started →

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