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Some of our favorite things.

May 2024
Ryan gosling papyrus
Laughing At

This SNL bit from years ago about the font "Papyrus".

Lcdsoundsystem sound of silver
Listening To

You know that thing where you see a band live then can’t stop playing their records all week?

Chocolate raisins
Snacking On

We’re nearing addiction territory with these little beans.

Birkenstock boston

Convenient, comfortable, casual yet classy. What’s not to like?

Hazy the Pug
Listening To

The gentle snores of our pug taking a nap

sparrow shortbread cookies
Snacking On

Sparrow Bakery to the rescue from the mid-day slump.

Johan mouchet Spain
Dreaming Of

Spring in Spain


Because everything looks better in lavender.

April 2024
Field Notes - National Parks Series

We're not writing it down to remember it later, we writing it down to remember it now.

Cornflake cookies
Snacking On

Cornflake cookies from Hawaii. Trust us, they're a treat.

Going to the sun road
Dreaming Of

Biking through Glacier National Park before they open up to cars for the summer.

Local Natives - But I'll Wait For You
Listening To

These guys don't miss.

Malin and Goetz Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment Bergamot
Slathering On

Bergamot hand cream to make our withered old crone hands feel chic

Looking At

Deer crossing our studio window

Masienda mug
Drinking Out Of

Ceramic mugs from Oaxaca

Melin HYDROP Black SDE

This adventure hat

Asana Cover1

This project management tool because we love crossing things off our to-do list

Kachava Horizontal Hero
Sipping On

Drinking our food, because who has time to chew?

Mt Bachelor on a delightful spring day
Dreaming Of

Ditching all our adult responsibilities and snowboarding

Desert Dreaming
Listening To

Desert Dreaming by our friend Dustin Kensrue

Girl scout cookies
Snacking On

Because they're iconic.

Coastal british columbia
Dreaming Of

Coastal British Columbia — the Pacific Northwest is endlessly inspiring.

Tiny hands
Laughing At

Tiny hands make everything hilarious.

Joan in the Garden - The Decemberists
Listening To

This 19 minute song by The Decemberists.